Gardiner Mammoth FM Association

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 Since 1980, the Gardiner Mammoth FM Association's mission has been to "provide music in the mountains" by rebroadcasting radio signals to the communities of Gardiner, MT and Mammoth, WY that surround the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. These stations include:

  • 103.9 and 104.9 KEMC Billings (Yellowstone Public Radio)
  • 105.5 KMTN Jackson (The Mountain)
  • 107.1 KGLT Bozeman (Alternative Public Radio for Southwest Montana)
  • 106.3 KXLB (XL Country)

Board Members include: 

  • Bianca Klein
  • Jim Peaco
  • Stefanie Wacker
  • Dylan Hoffman
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