Parks' Fly Shop

From late November through early April, Parks' Fly Shop transforms into a crosscountry ski and snowshoe rental shop. We are open all winter, at somewhat reduced hours (generally 9-5 daily, 10-4 Sundays, with occasional unannounced closures). We offer a full range of classic crosscountry touring skis, backcountry touring skis, and snowshoes, as well as limited amounts of winter apparel and accessories, such as ski socks, fleece, and handwarmers.

Some of our fly fishing gear is put away to make room for the winter rentals, but most is available, including a wide range of nymph, midge, and egg patterns that work well whenever it's warm enough to stand being on the river. Winter fishing can actually be quite good on the Yellowstone River, the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, and, further afield, on the Missouri River. Our guide service slows to a trickle, but we would be glad to take you fishing for an afternoon on the Yellowstone or a full-day on the spring creeks at any time during the winter. 

Winter Side Imagephoto courtesy: Tim O'Donoghue