B Bar Ranch

B Bar Ranch

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Explore the heart of Yellowstone country starting at the B Bar Ranch nestled in the pristine privacy of Tom Miner Basin. Learn what is involved in the stewardship of this land and its natural resources and how we strive to attain agricultural sustainability. Enjoy our warm hospitality and readiness to share this special place and include you in our living and learning in this unique setting.

The B Bar Ranch preserves and protects the land, natural resources, property values, and associated rights within a unique and extraordinary landscape in the Tom Miner Basin. We envision the ranch as an example of a healthy, thriving ecosystem including the human endeavors within it. The ranch is a place of spectacular beauty, committed to protecting its unique and extraordinary environment in perpetuity.

Established in 1906, the B Bar today manages a herd of Ancient White Park cattle. The long days we put in are rewarded with a deeply satisfying way of life and the opportunity to practice the stewardship we preach in a place called "paradise".

We advance stewardship in the way we operate the ranch:

  • Raising Ancient White Park cattle
  • Maintaining organic certification of our land and cattle
  • Practicing low stress livestock management
  • Providing habitat and allowing free passage for the myriad of wildlife species that reside on or travel through the ranch
  • Hosting non-profit groups working toward our larger vision
  • Welcoming guests and groups who utilize the ranch for activities such as meetings, retreats, reunions, workshops, and relaxing vacations
  • Embracing ecologically responsible practices
  • Sharing what we do with others who are interested in our activities and the values that underlie them
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818 Tom Miner Creek Rd
Emigrant, MT 59027
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