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Into the Heart of Yellowstone: Winter Wonderland

Into the Heart of Yellowstone: Winter Wonderland

Yellowstone Wild, LLC. is now offering an exceptional opportunity to explore the unparalleled beauty of Yellowstone National Park in winter with experienced Yellowstone naturalist guides, Emil McCain and Evan Stout.

Ideal for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, our in-depth, highly-educational tour will guide you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the heart of Yellowstone’s wildlife ecology and natural history, geothermal features and winter landscapes.

This all-inclusive tour package is specially designed to experience the magic of Yellowstone during one of the most beautiful and dramatic times of the year, when the pristine wildness and solitude are unmatched. This package includes a one night stay near the airport in Bozeman, Montana, two nights at the new Wonderland Eco Lodge on Yellowstone’s wildlife-rich Northern Range and three nights at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge. During this tour, we will venture deep into Yellowstone’s interior on a custom Snow Coach to explore our first National Park and its signature geysers and hot springs, frozen lakes, waterfalls and snow-blanketed valleys, enchanted forests and majestic mountain peaks, all under the spell of old man winter.

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