Camping Part Three: Cooke City, Montana

Camping Part Three: Cooke City, Montana

August 15, 2017

Here at the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce, we’re frequently asked for information about the Beartooth Highway--a National Scenic Byways All-American Road located on the Montana/Wyoming border near Cooke City, Montana.

Beartooth Highway

And it’s no wonder - the Beartooth Highway is one of the most achingly scenic mountain passes in the country. It’s also home to an array of recreational opportunities including hiking, horse pack trips, backcountry skiing, and of course, camping.

Lamar Valley

If you’re among those adventurous campers seeking information on planning a camping trip along the Beartooth Highway, you’ve come to the right place. Part 3 of our Camping Series is all about camping near Cooke City, Chief Joseph Highway, and the Beartooth Pass.

Shoshone National Forest Campgrounds on the Beartooth Pass
These campgrounds are perched amidst the rugged terrain, alpine lakes, and craggy rocks that characterize the stunning Beartooth Pass. Elevation: 9,000 feet.

Beartooth Lake Campground is located on Highway 212, about 20 miles east of Cooke City. Island Lake Campground is located five miles further east. Both hosted campgrounds offer 21 units, access to water, and are open July 1 to September 14. The site fee for both campgrounds is $15.00

For more information on these sites, call (307) 527-6921.

Chief Joseph Highway Campgrounds

Southeast of the Beartooth Pass you’ll come upon the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, which links the town of Cody, Wyoming, with the Beartooth Highway and Cooke City, Montana. Here you'll find campgrounds perfect for a pit stop while traveling between the he towns of Gardiner and Cooke City, Montana, to Cody, Wyoming.

For more information on these sites, call (307) 527-6921.

Cooke City Campground 001

These scenic campgrounds are located just two miles from the delicious restaurants, shops, and authentic western vibe that characterizes our neighboring town of Cooke City, Montana.

Twin Lakes

Colter Campground and Soda Butte Campground are each located only two miles away from Cooke City and are open from July to September 14. Each campground is made up of 8 units, and offers access to water as well as a campground host. The site fee for each campground is $9.00

These campgrounds require hard-sided camp equipment (no tent camping) due to bear activity.
For more information on these campgrounds, call (406) 848-7375.

Cooke City, Montana

The small communities of Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana, make up the least-crowded entrance to Yellowstone National Park. These hidden gems offer year-round access to pristine Montana wilderness areas; restaurants, lodges, and shopping; and endless recreation opportunities.

Cooke City

Gardiner and Cooke City are both fortunate to share easy access to the incredible scenery and abundant wildlife of Yellowstone’s Northern Range. Learn more about this special area here.

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