A hiker’s paradise awaits those coming to Gardiner. Between the Gallatin National Forest to the northwest, the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness to the east, and Yellowstone National Park to the south. -the opportunities are endless!

A couple favorites: Knox Lake (Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness), the Petrified Forest Interpretive Trail (Gallatin National Forest, Tom Miner Basin), and Beaver Ponds (Yellowstone National Park, Mammoth).

At the southern end of Yankee Jim Canyon, you can access trail #381, Joe Brown trailhead. At Cedar Creek Trailhead you can access the Historic OTO Ranch and trail #72. These trails network together and can take you to Monitor Peak -10,420 in elevation! A short hike can be accessed at LaDuke Springs, trail #134.

In Gardiner, you can access the following trails by taking the Jardine road which begins in the center of Gardiner. There are several abandoned logging and mining roads that suffice as simple day hiking trails. Trail #364 can be accessed at Timber camp; this trail also leads to Monitor Peak. From Bear Creek, if you take trail #64 to trail #620 north to trail# 282 you can get to Thompson Lake. You can also access the Hellroaring trail #84 off Crevice Mountain Road. This trail connects to numerous trail that spread out in to the Beartooth Wilderness or Yellowstone National Park.

Check out the Custer Gallatin National Forest website for maps and additional trail information.

You can purchase Bear Spray at many Gardiner businesses. Click here  for tips regarding hiking in Bear Country.

If you would prefer not to go it alone, click here to check out our local hiking guide services.

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