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Yellowstone Wolf Tracker

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About Us

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker offers premier wildlife watching services and programs in Yellowstone National Park. Our specialty is knowing the wolf packs of the park, and offering our guests their best chance of having a rare sighting of wolves in the wild.

Our business was started in 2005 by Nathan Varley, PhD, and Linda Thurston, MS, wildlife biologists who contributed to the success of the park’s wolf reintroduction in the 1990’s. Today, our reputation has grown to being one of the most respected names in the Yellowstone’s ecotourism industry.

Our services start with our year-round private guiding, in which we match your family or group with an experienced naturalist guide. We drive our comfortable touring vehicles to wildlife-rich locations in northern Yellowstone like Lamar Valley, Blacktail Plateau, and Hayden Valley. Wolves are our focus, but we know how to find many species including moose, grizzly bears, mountain goats, eagles, bighorn sheep, wapiti, bison, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and occasionally more rare species like otters, badgers, martens, and owls. We often take serious birders to find dozens of avian species. We meet our guests early in the morning for a 6-hour excursion that includes guiding, food, and high quality optical equipment, which is essential for sightings in Yellowstone. We are a top-ranked service on Trip Advisor.

Our multiple day, all-inclusive vacation packages during the off-season (October to April) are highly regarded. Small groups of a dozen guests enjoy extensive viewing opportunities, excellent meals, comfortable accommodation, and presentations by local experts. (These programs are a partnership with Absaroka Lodge, Yellowstone Forever, and Yellowstone Grill)

Custom programs feature the flexibility to create an experience that is perfect for your group, dates, and budget. We arrange field courses for colleges and other schools that wish to immerse their students in quality learning opportunities on critical conservation issues.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is permitted by the National Park Service under a commercial use authorization to provide hiking, backpacking, photography, tour and transportation services in Yellowstone National Park.

Our Packages

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