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NorthWestern Energy is an investor-owned utility and one of the largest providers of electricity and natural gas in the northern tier states. We serve approximately 692,600 customers in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Classified as a "mid-sized" utility by most industry standards, our service territory size is one of the largest in the country. NorthWestern Energy has approximately 1,600 full-time employees dedicated to the communities we serve.

NorthWestern Energy is committed to a safe, sustainable energy future, providing more clean energy and delivering it more reliably and more affordably than ever before. To accomplish that, we are utilizing a balanced energy mix, integrating renewable resources with traditional energy sources — and continually exploring methods for reducing the carbon footprint. Clean energy and reducing the carbon footprint have been and continue to be priorities for us. We have invested more than $1 billion in clean energy projects, including hydro, wind and solar energy. Renewable hydro and wind represent more than 60 percent of the electricity we deliver in Montana and our current energy portfolio of owned and contracted resources already has a carbon footprint lower than the EPA 2030 goal. We have a responsibility to deliver reliable, affordable energy while focusing on sustainability and clean energy.

NorthWestern Energy is a community within many communities. We are more than 1,600 individuals working collectively to build stronger communities through the production, generation and delivery of electricity and natural gas. Our goal is to be a leading corporate citizen and to serve as a meaningful and dedicated contributor to the economic development process. In 2015, our Community Works programs provided more than $2 million in funds for sponsorships, charitable contributions and economic development organizations across our territory. We are fully invested in the community spirit that connects us in common purpose.

We are delivering a bright future.

For more information on our company and our Community Works programs, please visit our website.

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