Yellowstone International Arts Festival - Art on the Yellowstone

From August 10, 2022 8:00 pm until August 10, 2022 11:57 pm
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Details on this event are forthcoming. Please find more information by clicking here

The Yellowstone International Arts Festival was founded by the “most influential ballet family of our time,” Teresa Khan MacKay and her four children. International ballet stars, Maria Sascha Khan, Nadia Khan, Julian Mackay, and Nicholas MacKay, were all born and raised in Montana. Their dream is to bring this international acclaim back to where it all began. They are committed to giving back to others.

The goal is to build a platform, that brings together international expertise, top artistic talents, and visionaries. The Festival is formatted to produce unforgettable cultural experiences, under the Big Skies of Montana. Our emphasis is on excellence, innovative approach, integrity and transforming lives through the beauty of the Arts.

Touted as the “ballet treasures from the treasure state" in a major Washington Post feature, the siblings' worldwide audience reach includes London, New York, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Rome and beyond.


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