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Q: Can you help me find hotel reservations in Gardiner?

A: Our website has a complete listing of area lodging options. Most listings include a link to the property website, where you can easily book online or call to make a reservation.

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Q: How close is Gardiner to Yellowstone National Park?

A: The park entrance is located ¼ mile from the Gardiner Montana Visitor Center.

Q: What is the cost to get in to Yellowstone National Park?

A: The entry fee to Yellowstone National Park is $35 for private, non-commercial vehicles and $30 for motocycles. Entry fees are valid for seven days from the date of purchase. You can purchase your entry pass online in advance here.

Q: Will I have cell phone service or wifi?

A: Verizon Wireless is the most reliable cell phone service provider in the Gardiner area. Most restaurants and hotels in Gardiner offer wifi, and there is complimentary wifi available at the Gardiner Montana Visitor Center. In Yellowstone, cell phone service is typically only available in developed areas (such as Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs). Public wifi is available at some visitor centers, but in general wifi is scarce in Yellowstone National Park.

Q: What is the weather like in Gardiner?

A: Gardiner is characterized by a cool, semi-arid climate. Summers are generally pleasant with warm days and cool nights, as well as the occasional afternoon thundershower. The warmest month is typically July with daily temperatures averaging 85 degrees Farenheit. 

In the winter months, the average temperature is approximately 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Annual snowfall averages 25 inches in Gardiner, though Mammoth Hot Springs, just 5 miles into the park, receives an average of 150 inches of snow. This makes Gardiner the perfect winter basecamp with little snowfall in town but great snowshoeing and cross-country skiing nearby.

No matter the time of year, the weather in this mountainous area can be unpredictable. It's always a good idea to bring rain gear and dress in layers.

Q: Where is the nearest grocery store?

A: The Gardiner Market offers a large selection of groceries, camping gear, liquor, toiletries, and other supplies.

Q: Is there public transportation to and from Gardiner?

A: Mountain Runner Shuttles is a locally owned shuttle service that serves south central Montana and Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

Q: Is there a local newspaper?

A: The Gardiner Community Newsletter is distributed weekly. The Livingston Enterprise, published in Livingston, Montana, is distributed five days a week in Gardiner. View other local publications here.

Q: Is Gardiner open year round?

A: US highway 89, which connects Gardiner to Livingston, is plowed and maintained year round by the Montana Department of Transportation.

In Yellowstone, the only road that remains open to wheeled vehicle traffic year-round is the road from Gardiner to Cooke City. Call 307.344.2117 for road conditions in Yellowstone National Park or click here.

Q: Is Gardiner located in Montana or Wyoming?

A: Gardiner is in Montana, just a few miles north of the Wyoming state line.

Q: Are there places to camp in the Gardiner area?

A: There are several Forest Service campsites within a few miles of town as well as designated campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park. Check out our favorite camping areas in Gardiner, Yellowstone, and nearby Cooke City and the Beartooth Highway.

Q: What kinds of wildlife can I see in Gardiner?

A: Bison, elk, deer, and pronghorn can frequently be seen in and around the town of Gardiner. On rare occasion bear, coyote, bighorn sheep, and moose can be seen in or just outside of town as well.

Q: Is there a park or picnic area in town?

A: Arch Park, next to the Roosevelt Arch, has a pavilion, picnic tables, and other facilities. An additional picnic area is located on Park Street overlooking the confluence of the Yellowstone and Gardner Rivers. Inquire at the Gardiner Montana Visitor Information Center for directions.

Q: Are there places for wedding receptions and other group gatherings in Gardiner?

A: The Gardiner Community Center and Arch Park are popular places for receptions and group gatherings, as well as several of our lodging facilities. The Gardiner Montana Visitor Center conference room is also available for rent for smaller group gatherings; please call 406.848.7971 for more information.

Q: Where are the nearest medical facilities?

A: The Mammoth Clinic located in Mammoth Hot Springs can treat most minor medical problems. The nearest hospital or urgent care facility is Livingston Healthcare, located 58 miles north of Gardiner in Livingston, Montana.

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